Balance Bike Tips #3 | Start off simple | Kids learn at their own pace

Balance Bike Tips #3

Balance Bike Tips #3

Start off Simple

Balance Bikes can be somewhat intimidating to certain kids. They can get nervous because they don’t understand the process of riding one. Balance Bikes are great because every child can learn at a pace that is unique to them. Each kid will learn differently and take steps when they are comfortable. Our suggestion is for everybody to start off simple.

Getting a child on a Balance Bike can even be a difficult task at first. Just encourage them to grab the handlebars, swing one leg over the seat and just stand there for a minute. The next step is super easy, just take a few simple steps forward. Depending on the child, this may be as far as they get on day one. No worries. Like I said earlier, every child will progress at a different pace. The important thing is to make sure that the child is choosing their own pace that they are comfortable with. Each day, a new step can be taken.

Balance Bikes are the best way to prepare any child for a regular bicycle. They will start learning at an early age and by the time they are ready for a bicycle, they will be confident in their ability to balance. It won’t be long before your little one is riding right by your side. Just remember to start off slow and they will be well on their way!

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