Balance Bike Tips #2 | Safety | Keep your child safe on a Balance Bike

Balance Bike Tips #2

Balance Bike Tips #2

Safety Comes First

What does everybody reading this column have in common? We all want our little babies to be safe and unharmed in all that they do. Balance Bike riding is no exception. Although Balance Bikes are safe precautions must still be taken. Accidents are bound to happen so it is extremely important to make sure that our kids are wearing the proper safety gear while riding. There are two things that we suggest your child always wear while riding. Number one is a helmet and number two is elbow and knee pads.

First off, a helmet is the number one most important thing to use every time you ride. Helmets will help protect kids from very serious head injuries. Those little brains are the future and we wouldn’t want anything to hurt that.

Secondly, children should always wear joint protection. Knee pads and elbow pads will protect from scrapes and scratches. They will also save them from a lot of tears.

A safe and healthy child is a happy child. All of these safety precautions should be taken every time a child gets on a Balance Bike, no matter how much or little time is spent riding. Nobody ever expects their child to get hurt, but it’s best to be prepared at all times. Now, enough about all that, it’s time to head outside, gear up and practice riding!

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