Balance Bike Tips #6 | Patience is key while your child learns to ride

Balance Bike Tips #6

Balance Bike Tips #6

Be Patient

Patience really is key when it comes to teaching your child how to ride. Kids need motivation and encouragement. For some kids, it may be a quick process, and for others it may take some time to truly get comfortable on a Balance Bike. The most important thing to do as a parent is to have patience with your child through their process, no matter how long it may be.

There are four steps of riding a Balance Bike. Each step will be taken at a different time for every child. Be sure to have patience with your child as they progress at their own pace. Here is a list of each step from first to last that we suggest each child go through.

1. Standing and walking
2. Sitting and walking
3. Sitting and running
4. Gliding

Some children may skip steps and some may go through each step one at a time. We suggest starting off with step one and progressing from there, but every child is different. When a child knows they are being supported, they will feel more inclined to practice and progress. It’s important to avoid frustration when they are starting off. With proper support, kids will progress through these steps in a timely manner and have a great time doing it!

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Now, head outside and ride!