Balance Bike Tips #12 | Make a Balance Bike obstacle course

Balance Bike Tips #12

Balance Bike Tips #12

Make an obstacle course

Riding a Balance Bike around an obstacle can be a great way for a child to have fun while riding. It will also simultaneously help them improve their bike riding skills. Obstacle courses can be simple or complex. We recommend starting off with an easy chalk course. Simply draw a line on the pavement using chalk and have your child follow the line to the best of their ability. As your child’s skill level improves, try doing more advanced obstacle courses.

This can be a fun way for your child to begin learning how to balance. An easy way to start is by drawing a pathway. When your child makes it to the pathway, have them lift their feet and balance for the duration of the path. Each time your child makes it farther without putting their feet on the ground, make a chalk mark. This makes it easy to track their progress and fun for a kid to see how they improve each time. These types of Balance Bike games make for a fun learning experience and they mix things up from just a regular day practicing.

There are lots of other fun Balance Bike games to play with your child. To learn more, check out our Balance Bike games blog. It has lots of great ways to have fun while learning to ride a Balance Bike.

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