Balance Bike Races - Children's Balance Bike Races coming soon to Idaho

Balance Bike Races

Balance Bike Races are becoming increasingly popular across the nation. Although we don’t currently sponsor or host any toddler races, we plan on doing so in the future. We are extremely excited to get involved in the children’s bike community here in Idaho. One day we may even host balance bike races nationwide. Here are some of the events you can look forward to.

Eagle Bike Park

It’s right in our hometown so of course we will have Balance Bike races in Eagle. We are extremely excited to begin sponsoring our  races here. The Eagle Bike Park is over 250 acres making it one of the largest bike parks in the Northwest. There are tons of trails that are suitable for Balance Bike riders to practice on before the day of the event. When we begin sponsoring Balance Bike races, there will competitions for three, four, and five year olds ranging from beginners to all-star Balance Bike riders. The great thing is that you won’t have to own a Balance Bike to compete. We will be at the event providing Balance Bikes for all the children who are signed up. There will also be opportunities to win or purchase a Balance Bike of your own throughout the event.

Kristin Armstrong Park

Kristin Armstrong is the most decorated female cyclist in U.S. history and Boise, ID is her hometown! Naturally, the city had to have a bike park dedicated to her, and we have to sponsor balance bike races there. The park has a .6 mile track intended for children ages 12 and under. It is the perfect spot for Balance Bike races and we can’t wait to start hosting them! The races will be organized the same way as the Eagle Bike Park Balance Bike races, and Balance Bikes will be provided for all the children who sign up.  Who knows? Maybe Kristin will even make an appearance!

Stay Tuned

More information regarding Balance Bike races in Idaho will be coming soon. We hope you are just as excited as we are about it! In the mean time, be sure to purchase a Balance Bike to practice on until the toddler races begin!

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